» What's a clique?
A clique is simply a site dedicated to whatever subject (in this case Hogwarts houses) where people can sign up and show their apprecciation for the subject of the clique. This clique in particular is a claiming clique, because you can claim your house and show off what you've claimed. All in all, cliques are generally fun to make and mantain.

» Why Hogwarts houses?
I love Harry Potter (honestly, who doesn't?) and most of all, I love the magic elements in it, such as Hogwarts, spells and the sorting process. When I first started reading Harry Potter (which was around the age of 11), I was seriously waiting for my Hogwarts letter and I wanted more than anything to be sorted into a house, preferably Gryffindor. Of course I never received a letter form Hogwarts, but I still love its (fictional) magical elements.

The idea behind this clique has actually been around the web for years (I remember a very popular sorting quiz, plus scarves of your house to display on livejournal and, very recently, a clique with the same idea called "Hoggywarts"), but all those websites have slowly either become inactive or disappeared altogether, so that now this is the only clique where you can claim a Hogwarts house. I love the idea of claiming your magical house and I wanted to bring it back on the web. So, taking advantage of Amassment's Clique Happy event, I decided to sign up and make this clique, so that people can once again claim and showcase their house!

» Why the name?
"If you're sure... better be..." it's what the Sorting Hat says to Harry before he sorts him into Gryffindor. Harry had been telling the Sorting Hat not to put him in Slytherin, so in a sense, he 'chose' his house, just like people on this clique can do. I thought it was an appropriate name.

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Harry Potter & all its characters © J.K. Rowling.
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